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News Releases

NEW Organic Global Seasonings From McCormick Gourmet™
Bring Home a World of Flavor
August 12, 2018

Inspired from South America, the Middle East and Africa, these versatile, tasty seasonings offer an easy way to add the latest global flavors to your everyday cooking. Made from the highest quality herbs and spices, they’re USDA-Organic certified and Non-GMO Project verified.

Five New Varieties:

Za’atar: This traditional Middle Eastern blend of spices including thyme, oregano and sesame seeds is perfect for sprinkling on flatbreads, grilled vegetables, nuts or popcorn. It can also be mixed into dips like hummus or in oil for bread dipping.

Harissa: A popular spicy flavor found in North African cuisine, this seasoning is made from a combination of chilies, warm spices and mint. Add it to meat and veggies before grilling, stir it into cooked rice and grains, mix it into yogurt for a dip or with roasted bell peppers and oil to turn this spice into its namesake sauce.

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Shawarma: A Middle Eastern street food favorite made with cinnamon, coriander, cardamom and more is perfect for an easy marinade on chicken, pork or steak.

Peruvian: A blend of spicy flavors with tangy accents, this seasoning is a must for flavoring meat and veggies before grilling or roasting, stirring into stews and soups and creating South American favorites like Peruvian chicken, ceviche and empanadas.

Berbere: Ethiopia’s most popular seasoning contains an array of spices like cayenne pepper, paprika, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. East Africa’s hot, sweet and citrusy flavor is perfect for chicken stew and meats, as well as lentils and veggies.

SRP: $4.49 per bottle
Availability:  Available in the spice aisle of retailers nationwide
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